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Opportunity with Education

Opportunity with Education (OWE) is a collaborative effort between law enforcement and community-based organizations. The Riverside Police Department created O.W.E. – Opportunity With Education, juvenile intervention & prevention program, to provide education and mentoring to our youth through positive interactions with police officers, educators, prosecutors, and other professionals, rather than the influences from the culture of criminal elements. The 15 week program is designed to positively redirect “at-risk” youth between the ages of 12 to17 (middle & high school age), through topic lectures, tours, physical fitness, community service, and close order drill. Choices and consequences are stressed throughout the program. The OWE program is designed to build self-esteem, leadership qualities, and change to positive social behaviors will be available to all participants which will aid in breaking the cycle of criminal behavior, while encouraging them toward success.

The goal of O.W.E. is to help parents and their children bring a sense of “Family” back to their homes.

Classes are held on Saturdays at California Baptist University. The parent’s participation in the program is mandatory. The sessions for the participants encompass: Physical training and drills, life skills, educational tours, and community service.
For more information or to apply for the program, visit the OWE website.