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Paulette Brown

Dr. Paulette Brown-Hinds is founder of Voice Media Ventures and the second-generation publisher of the VOICE and Black Voice News. The multi-media company includes news weekly print and digital editions, film and new media content production, and a strategic communications form specializing in community outreach and engagement. She has won statewide and national awards for her column Rants & Raves. As an educator, she teaches an annual course for creatives at the University of California, Riverside on arts, management, and the community.

As a life-long student of African-American literature, culture and history she leads Underground Railroad Study Tours for the Black Vioce Foundation, manages a collection of rare antebellum artifacts, and is the founder of Mapping Black California, a geospatial technology community mapping and STE[A]M initiative identifying the assets of the Golden Stat’s African-American community.